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Welcome to my private practice! I am Caroline and I set up Find Your True Self as a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, offering therapy in French and English. I am an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).


Counselling is about building a trustworthy and safe relationship between you and your counsellor, so choosing the right therapist for you is important.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Caroline Velarde and I am a French citizen who has lived in the UK for many years so I can offer therapy in both French and English.

Counselling will help you Find Your True Self, and as Oscar Wilde said: "Be yourself, everyone else is taken".


Taking the first step in this journey will be the hardest but also the bravest thing you will do. Well done for being so brave!


Charlie Mackesy, the bestseller author of the book "A boy, a mole, a fox and a horse" said, “the bravest thing I’d ever done was when I was struggling and had the courage to ask for help. So I drew it.”

Brené Brown, who is a research professor at the University of Houston and has studied courage, shame, and vulnerability for over 20 years said "Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do"


Image from "A boy, a mole, a fox and a horse", Charlie Mackesy


If you suffer from:

  • anxiety,

  • depression,

  • relationship difficulties,

  • low self-esteem,

  • trauma,

  • bereavement,

  • abuse,

  • chronic illness,

  • and more


and as a result of those life is challenging at the moment, counselling can help you to explore your challenges and issues in a safe and confidential space, and enable you to reach decisions about your current situation, whether you want to make changes or not, and live a happier life. 

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