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"It's difficult to sum up how beneficial I found my sessions with Caroline. She created a very open environment that allowed the conversation to flow while asking thought-provoking questions. Throughout the period, Caroline sent podcasts, articles, and information, which helped improve and grow my understanding further  on particular themes and subjects. Overall, the whole experience gave me a greater understanding of myself, and I would highly recommend Caroline for those seeking answers and a deeper understanding on themselves and human behaviour". 29 year old client.

"It has been really lovely and productive having sessions with Caroline. She has been very understanding all along and knew how to make me feel comfortable from the very beginning, since I had no experience at all with therapy. I feel like I now have the tools to move forward and am already seeing an improvement regarding the subjects discussed in our sessions!" 25 year old client.

"I found it very easy to talk and connect with Caroline from the very first session. She was great at listening and providing pragmatic advice that helped me better listen to my inner self. Merci Caroline!". 38 year old client.

"I made a lot of progress during our dozens of sessions. I felt comfortable during our conversation to talk freely about different topics. I appreciated the practical advice for responding to particular situations". 30 year old client.

"I feel much more confident in myself and my ability to handle the challenges of life. I now have much more insight into my own feelings and feel more in control in how I respond to situations. I am able to create boundaries from the feelings of others and do not feel the same degree of guilt in doing so. I'd like to say a big thank you to Caroline for her kindness and the confidence she has helped me with". 26 year old client.

"Caroline was helpful and listened to me carefully, I felt comfortable and in a safe place to talk openly". 27 year old client.

"I have really benefited from the support over the year and I am really grateful for Caroline helping me through my second time of PND, she's been amazing". 33 year old client.

"Counselling was the only outlet as someone to trust and Caroline was the only one there, thank you for being there". 63 year old client.

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