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What is Anxiety?

Do you have a tight chest? A knot in your stomach? A racing heart? Difficulty falling or staying asleep? Sweaty hands? Those are all signs of anxiety. Anxiety is our natural body response when we feel threatened and worried by what is about to happen, or what we think could happen in the future. 

People can feel anxious when coping with difficult or stressful events or changes in their life, such as the change or loss of job, a divorce, a death, moving home, sitting an exam, giving a speech, having surgery, an illness, emotional trauma due to abuse, neglect or bullying, etc. It is the inability to cope with pressures and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Psychology Session

You are not alone! Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life, and it can range from mild to severe.

People with anxiety tend to isolate themselves, which result in a vicious circle and is difficult to break.

Getting help early, in the form of talking therapy (counselling), looking after your physical health (sleep, diet, exercise), talking to someone you trust, staying connected to friends and family, will help reduce your anxiety.

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