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Relationship Issues

Are you experiencing any relationship issues with your family, friends, partner, work colleague? Is it about trust, betrayal, infidelity, money, sex, communication, feeling under-appreciated, changing values and beliefs?

You don't need to wait until you are in a crisis to pursue counselling, and counselling can support you with small and major relationship issues to identify the issues or problems you are facing.

Counselling will help you bring some awareness on your behaviour and patterns of relating, and identify the triggers to your reactions and emotions. What is triggered in you when he/she pushes your buttons, when you are arguing or fighting? Is it anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, etc?    

Couple Holding Hands
Gay Couple Eating Popsicles

When we are triggered, the past usually resurfaces outside of our conscious awareness and we re-enact our old patterns of relating.


Counselling will help you understand this pattern, and explore how and why you react this way, and if there are changes which you can do to improve your relationship and create a healthier one.

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